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We offer competency assessment and educational intervention programs for physicians and other healthcare professionals.
Other services include: ProBE: Ethics and Boundaries Program, Inter-Professional Communication Courses, 
Prescribing Controlled Drugs Courses, and Medical Record Keeping Seminars

New courses from CPEP!

Prescribing Controlled Drugs: Critical Issues and Common Pitfalls©
Improving Inter-Professional Communications
Advanced Skills in Healthcare Communication
  • "I appreciated the opportunity to experience an assessment. It is an interesting process and one that provided me with insights to my professional activity at this point in my career. I have reviewed the recommendations and will incorporate them into my practice. Perhaps this should be a requirement of all physicians at some point in their career."

    — Certified Nurse Midwife, Participant

  • "I appreciate the competent, thorough evaluation which CPEP has performed for the Board of Medical Examiners."

    – General Practitioner

  • "I appreciate the competent, thorough evaluation which CPEP has performed for the Board of Medical Examiners."

    —General Practitioner, Participant

  • "It was a new and refreshing experience for me to be evaluated in a neutral environment free of any political maneuvering. You treated me fairly. I thank you for that."

    —Family Physician, Participant

  • "We always felt most doctors who fail are salvageable. There is a huge amount of money invested in them and if they can be saved, they ought to be."

    —Vice President, Malpractice Insurance Company

  • "This is an option the hospital might not have otherwise, especially in a smaller community where physicians are reluctant to assess a competitor's skills for fear of anti-competitive conduct and the awkwardness of the situation. The program provides a reliable assessment for both parties, far removed from any personal relationships."

    —Healthcare Attorney, Participant

  • "...The CPEP Educational Intervention is helping me be a better physician. Other physicians should take this program as a positive experience as I have."

    —Plastic Surgeon, Participant

  • "During an extremely difficult time, CPEP [staff] were the only people to treat me with respect."

    – Vascular Surgeon

  • "In general I felt that the educational intervention, the post-intervention evaluation, and interviews were very enriching. They will have a lifelong positive impact on my clinical skills, documentation and practice. I am very thankful to CPEP for all you have done to help in furthering my medical education."

    — Family Practice, Participant

  • "I find my consulting work with CPEP extremely stimulating as it keeps my medical skills sharp while I am evaluating others. I feel this is a valuable service to the national medical community, and a nice benefit are the COPIC points."

    -CPEP Consultant

  • "I would like to personally thank the staff and consultant physicians at CPEP for working so hard to make my assessment a positive experience. I was treated both with professionalism and respect by everyone, and I was touched by the kindness that was extended to me. It was wonderful to work with people who were interested in evaluating me in an objective way, and I'm very grateful for this experience."

    — General Surgeon, Participant

  • "It's a proactive fit on how to deal with continued competency concerns and JCAHO requirements. Obviously, the earlier you can get a physician in touch with an assessment facility the more help it can be."

    —Vice President, Medical Association

  • “I used to think that education plans such as CPEP’s were a waste of time.  However, working with a physician reentering practice has been an eye opener. I know now that physicians can get rusty pretty quickly."

    —Family Physician and Associate Director of Residency Program, Preceptor

  • “During an extremely difficult time, CPEP [staff] were the only people to treat me with respect.”

    — Vascular Surgeon, Participant

  • "If we ever find problems through our peer review process, we send them to CPEP. It's a wonderful resource."

    – Medical Staff Coordinator

  • "I want you to know that, with these [educational resources] and with your words of encouragement and understanding, you have helped me open the door to my learning again. I want to share my deep appreciation."

    —Psychiatrist, Participant

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